G. Wayne Thomas

Back then…

G. Wayne ThomasThe greatest problem that faces any songwriter in Australia is being able to record his ideas in the way that he sees them. Many potentially great songs have been ruined by bad arrangements and sloppy recording. In America and England it is a different story. Record production is an art and the producer is more than a technician. He is the overseer of the sound, the person who can produce a finished recording from the songwriter's ideas.

G. Wayne Thomas is one of the first of a new wave of record producers in Australia. He is a producer, songwriter, musician and performer. Wayne, originally from New Zealand, is now the resident producer for Warner Bros. Records in Australia. He also manages their music publishing firm, Quaver music. Prior to joining Warner Bros. he worked in an advertising agency producing and writing jingles for television and radio. It was during this period of his career that his talent in the studio began to be realised. He showed that he was capable of getting the right sound for the product.

After seeing the initial rushes of the film, Wayne agreed to do the recording of the soundtrack. He has been working for a number of years on minor commercial projects, and at last had a project of sufficient depth to pour his skills.

Wayne is a great innovator in the recording studio, but he isn't overwhelmed by the mass of recording gimmicks that can be used. He aims at a clean sound, with particular emphasis on proper recordings of the bass and drums so that the other lead instruments can soar over the top and the total resulting sound will have impact and still retain the form of the original idea.

He worked extensively with the songwriters of Morning of the Earth before going into the studio, fully comprehending each individual song and idea. The recording was carried out on 16 track recording equipment so that he had plenty of room to add strings, brass, moog sounds or anything else which was needed. Some of the music is beautifully simple and Wayne has kept it that way. He has also written and performed some of the soundtrack himself. His achievement is as much part of the movie as the actual footage.